Become A Xero Power User With These Great Features

If your business is using Xero accounting software, make sure you’re getting the most out of it. Become a Xero power user with these great and underutilised features for business owners and managers:

  1. Discuss tab – reconciling transactions is best left to the person responsible for the accounts. But use the discuss tab to leave notes or questions to make things quicker. Use the Xero phone or tablet app to do this on the fly, while you remember things.
  2. “Ctrl+Click” – (or “Command+click” on a Mac) if you are not already doing this, it will change your Xero world. Ctrl+click opens anything in a new tab. Keep your current screen as is and check dozens of transactions at once, or compare multiple reports and accounts. trl + up/down arrow will then move you through all the open tabs.
  3. Multiple budgets – one for the bank, one for yourselves, another for when you smash Q2 targets! Load as many as you want and easily choose which to report against.
  4. Expense claim from your phone – Use the Xero phone app to submit expense claims on the move. Snap and bin the receipt on the spot.
  5. Viewing multiple entities simultaneously – open Xero in different browsers to enable simultaneous logins to different entities. Xero supports IE, Chrome, Mozilla and Safari
  6. Customised invoices – take the out-of-the-box Xero forms to the next level using fully customisable .docx templates for invoices, statements and credit notes. Set different templates for different customers (say one for Direct Debit customers, and one for the rest).
  7. Employee portal – ensure your employees have access to the employee portal to apply for leave and review their entitlement and payslips
  8. Email templates – re-use standard emails to send with invoices, statements, remittance and credits. Create as many as you need – use different emails for direct debit customers, create a range of escalating templates as part of your collections process
  9. Wide view for reports – viewing numbers against historical months can be insightful, make sure you click “Wide View” to open things up a little
  10. Bulk invoicing – a winner if you have lots of customers being charged the same amount. Create customer groups within the Contacts section. Then in Sales create a new invoice for the Group and automatically send to all group members.
  11. Cash coding – ok we’ve saved the best for last, but it’s the most dangerous. This feature is often not enabled so if you can’t see it, discuss upping your permission with whoever manages that. It allows hundreds of bank transactions to be coded to the same account / GST code / tracking category at once, in bulk. The big danger is therefore making a bulk mistake, and also how it wants to handle bank rules – in many cases these need reviewing. If you might have a need for this feature we recommend taking it slow with a one-on-one tutorial with someone who knows how to handle it.


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