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Subscription-based HR services – find out if you could benefit

External membership-based HR services are growing in popularity as more small to medium sized businesses realise the benefit – and affordability – of professional HR advice and systems.

Many small and medium business owners don’t have an in-house HR person to make sure they are operating according to employment law and OH&S regulations. And as a result, external membership-based HR services are growing in popularity.

It turns out that getting certainty and doing things right isn’t as hard – or as expensive – as you think.

Employsure and Workforce Guardian are two companies we’ve come across, with excellent feedback from clients. They offer advice and tailored documents for your business without the cost of hiring people on consultancy rates or having the time-consuming task of doing the extra work yourself.

Subscription costs and packages

Both services offer subscription packages which can include everything from employment contracts, new employee handbooks and information about award rates, to health and safety manuals or advice on tricky personnel issues like performance management, staff termination and wage disputes.

The payment structure varies from company to company. Workforce Guardian has a wide range of set packages to choose from – based on a company’s size and requirements – whereas Employsure bases its monthly or quarterly fees on your annual payroll figures. So, the fewer employees you have, the cheaper your package. You are also provided with insurance for legal fees in the event you find yourself faced with a workplace claim.

What our clients say

To get a more personal perspective, we spoke to Alistair from fashion label Leonard St, one of our clients using Employsure. After some initial set-up work, he’s finding the service invaluable.

“As a business owner, you can be really well meaning and have really good intentions but the reality is, issues will always still arise. It’s nice to know there is support on standby and it doesn’t have to cost a packet,” Alistair said.

“I’ve also discovered that when faced with an employee issue you can tend to be quite emotional when it’s your own business. You might act irrationally in a conversation or word an email poorly. Now that I have third party support, it’s easier to handle things with 100 percent professionalism.”

Visit Employsure or Workforce Guardian for more information – or get in contact with us if you know of any other great subscription-based HR services.

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