Accounting Systems and Processes

Whatever business you're in, it’s likely there are accounting systems, and other business systems, out there that can improve your processes, make you more competitive and save you money, time and headaches.

We keep up to date with the latest software and technologies and give our clients informed impartial advice on how to optimise their systems and processes. We deliver benefits with successful projects that select, set-up and implement systems and processes to help you business get to where it needs to be.

Accounting software

Your choice of accounting software is critical. This decision needs to be made with careful consideration of your current business processes, growth strategies and future needs. Slate has experts in Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks and can help you select, set up and get trained on accounting software that informs your business and is simple to use.

Record keeping and receipt handling

Cloud-based paperless systems have revolutionised record keeping and receipt handling. We can help you manage receipts and documents (you would typically file) with mobile devices, email and scanners. This will turn piles of paper into searchable, filterable data to be used by your accounting software and virtually remove data entry from your accounting processes.

Reporting and dashboards

Tap the insights that your data can deliver with tools and reports that can slice through the noise and be built or refreshed with just a few mouse clicks. Stay ahead of the competition with real time or daily data feeds to help informed business decisions.

Cash flow and forecasting

Forecasting the business and its cash flow is critical but can be time-consuming with Excel. Simplify the process with tools to automatically synchronise your cash flow and business forecasts with your accounting data. You’ll have information always on-hand for important cash decisions.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Take customer service, marketing and sales to another level of personalisation with CRM systems to track and report on all your dealings with prospects and customers. Integrate with accounting systems, like Xero to supplement your insight with purchase behaviour and preferences.

Invoicing and time tracking

Whether you’re on a retainer, bill by the hour, job or project you’ll benefit from understanding where you and your team are spending time and whether it’s profitable. You’ll also save hours every month when it’s invoicing time and get your invoices out quicker and hopefully get your billings in earlier.

Debtor management and collections

Get your money in faster with automated debtor text and email follow-up messages and reminders. Tailored programmed communications will get the job done while protecting your customer relationships.

Inventory management

Get clarity on where your stock is, how much you have and what’s sold, selling and on order. Setting your business up on a modern inventory system (like Unleashed, DearInventory, Tradegecko) will streamline importing and purchasing, foreign currency, production, wholesale sales, bar coding, batch and serial tracking and integrate with your accounting software.

Point of sale (POS)

A great POS system does more than count your takings. Modern retailers need to be able capture and use customer details and quickly understand sales trends by season, category, location and staff. The right POS will help you handle pricelists and promotions, discounts, loyalty programs and more with ease.

Industry-specific systems

Make running your business easier with software designed just for you. Famers, lawyers, architects, property managers, share traders, mechanics, graphic designers, retailers and many others can now use software built for their businesses that also talks to their accounting system, saving time and avoiding mistakes.

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