Master Processes And Workflow With Tiny Habits

Business processes and workflows rely on people doing their bit as and when they’re meant to. In many cases it’s the little things that count – putting receipts where they need to go, completing timesheets, putting new leads in your CRM tool, marking off a checklist. If you or someone you know may need some help with the little things that make a big different, consider trying Tiny Habits, a neat methodology for behaviour change from Stanford University professor BJ Fogg.

The methodology is all about training automaticity, doing things by habit rather than by making decisions or relying on motivation. According to the method, keys to habit formation are starting really small and easy, and anchoring tasks to pre-existing habits. Putting your receipts on the scanner after you turn on your PC, for example. In theory, once you’ve mastered the method for a tiny habit you’ll have the skills to expand its scope.

BJ runs a free and fun 1 week program where he personally (sort of) coaches participants through the methodology while they tackle three tiny habits of their choosing. Apart from possibly nailing a habit of your own, it gets you thinking about behaviour change and gives some simple, practical tools for getting things done.

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