Use LastPass For Secure, Access Anywhere, Password Storage

We recommend and use LastPass for secure, access anywhere, password storage. It’s a free service that keeps all your passwords securely in the cloud and makes them available on all your computers and devices.

Passwords are the number one information security risk for most businesses, made more so if you’re using cloud services. It’s impossible to remember passwords that are truly secure. They need to be:

  • Long, 8+ characters
  • multi-character (upper, lower, numbers, special characters)
  • unpronounceable (and definitely not in the dictionary)
  • unique for each service.

LastPass makes it possible to maintain these types of passwords for all your sites and software. Key features include:

  • automatic password generation, as long and as cryptic as you like
  • bulk import of your existing passwords from heaps of other password keepers, or csv/excel
  • one click login: LastPass automatically populates the username and password as you visit each site
  • access from any browser, or pay $1 / month for smartphone access
  • solutions for business enabling staff accounts and password groups for access management
  • multi-factor authentication options to keep your master login safe.

Getting started is quick and easy, and there are plenty of advanced features to explore later. Here are some resources to help:

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