“Suzie is a perfectionist, a working person’s person and a great member of any team; she leaves a mark of excellence. In a world where every second person will tell you: ‘I don’t do detail’, Suzie would come through with fastidious detail every time which would underpin the success of any venture. It’s the Suzie Kents of this world, quiet achievers, custodians, purveyors and masters of detail who frequently provide the pylons which hold the company up. Her work history shines as a beacon of order and process hygiene.”

Gideon Culican - Melbourne IT,

“Slate helped our clothing business in its start up phase with bookkeeping. It was at a time when we really needed someone to ‘clean up the shop’ and put things in order for the next phase of growth. Michael is comfortable and tenacious with the detail but keeps his eye on the big picture future objectives of what the business is trying to achieve in terms of expansion and financial growth. We really appreciated his contribution to getting our accounts in order.”

Jenni O’Callaghan - Soon Maternity,

Slate Accounts has exceeded our expectations and we’re really satisfied with the process improvements. We now have confidence in our accounts and reporting and systems are streamlined and simpler. “The Slate team nicely supplements our in-house team, covering leave or changes in personnel.  Staff turnover is inevitable, but with Slate Accounts, we know our systems, processes and accounts are understood and documented and they can assist and support our team when needed.”

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Nick Russo – Summer Snow,

“The management committee gained a lot from Michael’s inclusive and open style. In his role of Treasurer, Michael was always accessible and was able to explain things clearly to a non-financial audience. He quickly established confidence from the committee in the financial reports produced and that the compliance obligations were being met.”

Mary McLoughlan - St Kilda and Balaclava Kindergarten,
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