“Michael is a highly organised, thorough and knowledgeable business professional. His natural style is inclusive and collaborative. Over the past two years, he has focussed on achieving our business objectives and has developed great working relationships with a variety of our organisational stakeholders. In addition, his personable manner makes him easy to work with.”

Michael Pruscino - Justice Health,

“The service we get from Slate Accounts costs me less and we get more useful information which is a pretty great outcome. We have improved knowledge and control of our business which is exactly where we wanted to be. It’s a big weight off our minds to have this critical business function working smoothly and efficiently.”

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Sean Kierce - Ladro,

“The insight we’ve gained from working with Slate is invaluable – they go above and beyond basic bookkeeping. Not only do we have confidence that absolutely everything is accounted for, we also turn to Slate for bigger picture advice on our financial position and business systems – which are key to our growth. Working with Slate makes so much sense. Handing over your books requires lots of trust and I really got this from the Slate team, they have integrity. I had some initial hesitations about using a Melbourne-based firm that was not from our local area but the reliable cloud based systems, punctuality and customer service Slate stands by have changed my thinking on that one.”

David Martin - Martin Builders,

“I have worked alongside Michael for many years and watched with interest how he developed Slate Accounts from the ground up.  Michael is the consummate professional to work with and that shows in the research effort and investigation he put into Slate before opening the doors to clients. As a small business owner for more than a decade I want to be sure that when I outsource my bookkeeping function it is in the hands of professionals.”

Stephen Lake - Advantage International,
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