Summer Snow Crunches Numbers

Slate Account’s recommendations and support overhaul inefficient systems and offer juicy business results

Client Profile

Family-owned and run agriculture business, Summer Snow grows and sells apples to wholesale fruit and vegetable markets in Victoria and produces 100,000 litres of apple juice weekly. The company’s premium Summer Snow pressed juice range is sold to green grocers and independent supermarkets along Australia’s East Coast. Bulk juice is also distributed to a number of cider makers nationally. The business operates two main sites in Gippsland, the juicing factory and an apple packing and cold storage facility with a capacity for 4,000 x 400kg bins.

Slate Accounts came onboard to help think through Summer Snow’s accounting processes and recommend an improvement path. Summer Snow moved from MYOB to Xero because of its user-friendliness and cloud-based features which suited a distributed business. “The Slate team stay way ahead of the curve on best-practises in software and systems to support businesses of different types. I could picture exactly what we needed to achieve but running core business leaves little time to carefully study options and choose, let alone integrate everything and get systems talking to each other. That’s what Slate did for us. We got the best suite of applications for our unique purposes,” Nick said. The services Slate provides to Summer Snow include bookkeeping, advice on accounts’ issues and processes, end-of-period accounts quality reviews, training and reporting.


  • A complete scalable bookkeeping and systems advisory service
  • Intuitive cloud-based systems that talk to each other
  • A rostering and timesheet system that’s easy to use and integrates with payroll
  • A paperless system for receipt handling and tax invoice management


  • Moved to new more efficient and simpler systems quickly and painlessly
  • Accounts, reporting and systems deliver what the business needs
  • The Summer Snow team is supplemented at all levels of business administration
  • Summer Snow management taps into bookkeeping and system’s best practices via Slate


 “Slate Accounts has exceeded our expectations and we’re really satisfied with the process improvements. We now have confidence in our accounts and reporting and systems are streamlined and simpler. The Slate team nicely supplements our in-house team, covering leave or changes in personnel.  They are experts who stay abreast of technology, regulations, accounting changes and advancements. Working with Slate has given us definitive confidence in our accounts and the direction we’re taking” said Nick.

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