Perfect Fit for Fashion

Leonard St achieves financial organisation and visibility with Slate Accounts

Client Profile

Leonard St is a local fashion label known for hand-done print design and elegant, independent women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. The range is sold by a mixture of casual, fulltime and part-time staff in its four stores in Melbourne, via its online shop and through selected boutique stockists. The company is run by founder and designer, Amanda McCarthy and her husband Alistair Black.

“Slate offered Leonard St an outsourced finance team giving the business access to an experienced CFO and a bookkeeper, combining the best of strategic and administrative help. Slate Accounts designed and oversees an accounting, inventory and point-of-sale solution for Leonard St,” said Amanda


  • Dedicated bookkeeper and access to senior financial advice
  • Designed a POS, inventory and accounting system (Xero)
  • Cloud-based systems are live and accessible to all parties
  • Thorough training and responsive support
  • Trusted advice and input on business decisions


  • Better informed business decision making
  • Time freed up for family and core business
  • Flexible arrangement that suits management
  • Confidence of a team and proven methodology
  • More responsive customer service and staff support


“Working with Slate Accounts has really freed up my time. Slate Accounts takes responsibility for the overall function - preparing accounts, paying Superannuation and ensuring that accounts and compliance are fully taken care of,” Amanda said. Instead of employing an individual, by outsourcing to Slate, Leonard St gets a team offering expert senior financial advice and a bookkeeper working within Slate’s solid methodology. Generally, since working with Slate Accounts and using these systems and reporting we are better informed for business decision making. When considering whether we open a new store, to expand interstate or push more or less wholesale business we rely on data that Slate Accounts has helped make available to us,” Amanda said

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