Understanding the Dough

Ladro gets money matters sorted with Slate Accounts

Client Profile

Husband and wife duo, Ingrid Langtry and Sean Kierce who established Ladro pizzerias in the early 2000’s share how they partnered with Slate Accounts to get their books in order while taking lunch and dinner orders at their popular restaurants in Greville and Gertrude Streets.

“The service we get from Slate Accounts costs me less and we get more useful information which is a pretty great outcome. Regular management reporting helps us make informed decisions about the business and we have a clearer more up-to-date view of accounts payable and our key profit drivers: income, wages and food costs. Xero allows us to access the accounts directly to schedule and make payments with ease so my time with accounts is well spent,” said Sean.


  • Engaged Slate Accounts
  • Set clear objectives
  • Moved from MYOB to Xero
  • Adopted a tool for receipt processing and storage
  • Resourced the finance function correctly
  • Put processes in place with responsibilities and deadlines


  • More cost efficient finance and accounts
  • Useful reports
  • User-friendly processes
  • Accurate view of liabilities
  • Confidence in a trusted partner that knows our business


“The Slate team was instrumental in getting accounts processes and reporting running well. Slate Accounts know what’s happening in the business and can help sort out any issues that arise.

Slate Accounts is responsive, flexible and quick to find new solutions if things need modifying. Our compliance obligations (GST, Super, Payroll Tax, PAYG) are up-to-date and we can get an accurate view of liabilities at any time. We have improved knowledge and control of our business which is exactly where we wanted to be. It’s a big weight off our minds to have this critical business function working smoothly and efficiently,” Sean said.

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