Case Studies

Ladro pizzerias

“The Slate team was instrumental in getting accounts processes and reporting running well. Slate Accounts know what’s happening in the business and can help sort out any issues that arise. Slate Accounts is responsive, flexible and quick to find new solutions if things need modifying. Our compliance obligations (GST, Super, Payroll Tax, PAYG) are up-to-date and we can get an accurate view of liabilities at any time. We have improved knowledge and control of our business which is exactly where we wanted to be. It’s a big weight off our minds to have this critical business function working smoothly and efficiently,” Sean said.
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Leonard St fashion label

“Slate offered Leonard St an outsourced finance team giving the business access to an experienced CFO and a bookkeeper, combining the best of strategic and administrative help. Slate Accounts designed and oversees an accounting, inventory and point-of-sale solution for Leonard St,” said Amanda
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Summer Snow apple orchard

Family-owned and run agriculture business, Summer Snow grows and sells apples to wholesale fruit and vegetable markets in Victoria and produces 100,000 litres of apple juice weekly. The company’s premium Summer Snow pressed juice range is sold to green grocers and independent supermarkets along Australia’s East Coast. Bulk juice is also distributed to a number of cider makers nationally. The business operates two main sites in Gippsland, the juicing factory and an apple packing and cold storage facility with a capacity for 4,000 x 400kg bins.
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