Invoice Redirection Fraud: What you need to know

When Lee,* an Accounts Payable Officer, saw an email from one of her suppliers saying they’d changed their bank details, she didn’t think twice. After all, the invoice looked normal, and the email sounded completely legitimate. What could possibly go wrong?!? A lot, apparently. When most of us think of email scams, we think of…
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Getting the most from Receipt Bank to automate your purchasing

For all but the smallest businesses, we recommend using a digital service for managing invoices and receipts. These are relatively cheap and save lots of time, in some cases halving the accounts workload for a business. There are many on offer, but for the last few years we’ve generally preferred the features, accuracy and speed…
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Guidelines for kindergarten treasurers – 3rd edition

Slate Accounts has just released the third edition of its Guidelines for Kindergarten Treasurers. This edition builds on Slate's growing expertise in the sector and includes an additional section exploring some of the issues and quirks specific to it.
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6 Excel tips and tricks for beginners

There’s no shortage of data being collected by business software and systems but knowing how to pump out useful information using that data is where most of us are lacking. To get you started, here’s some of our best features and tips for novice Excel users.
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