Guidelines for kindergarten treasurers – 3rd edition

A practical guide for fulfilling the treasury role at kinders and childcare centres

Slate Accounts has just released the third edition of its Guidelines for Kindergarten Treasurers. This edition builds on Slate's growing expertise in the sector and includes an additional section exploring some of the issues and quirks specific to it, including:

  • what Child Care Management System software is and why it's used
  • the confusing "portable leave" rules and how to handle it correctly
  • ADP Payroll and why everyone uses it
  • The Early Learning Association of Australia.


The guidelines outline practical steps to fulfilling the treasury role at a committee run kindergarten or childcare centre. It walks treasurers through their key responsibilities and explains what they should be doing and thinking about when they first take on the position, and on a regular basis to oversee the accounts and prepare for committee meetings.

Content is prioritised and common potential issues are flagged to make the job of treasurer straightforward and effective.

It’s lots of fun helping out in your community and the Guidelines aim to help treasurers quickly get across what they need to know so they can enjoy the experience and make a great contribution.

We’re keen for feedback so please call or email me on 0408 319 684 or if you have any comments or questions.


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